excellence at a price everyone can afford

Stanley Opera is committed to bringing quality popular opera to a local stage. The company is determined (in the words of a recent review) ‘to bring excellence at a price everyone can afford.’ The Concordia Theatre holds 400 people and our aim is to fill the auditorium on every night of each run. Why? Obviously we’d be lying if we pretended it was nothing to do with income versus expenditure. But more importantly, we really believe in opera. The first opera performed at the Concordia by a true opera company was The Marriage of Figaro in 1973. The company formed to perform opera took its name from its first musical director, Alec Stanley. Alec was the headmaster of the Albert Road School in Hinckley. When Alec laid down his baton, he had completed over 45 years of musical involvement in Hinckley. Over the years, Carmen has been the biggest selling opera, followed closely by our critically acclaimed performance of The Marriage of Figaro in 2006.